Wedding planner

Are you getting married?! How exciting! Where should you start? How should you approach it? The organization of a wedding is a bit of a task, a fun task of course, but still. Choosing the right suppliers, requesting quotes, planning, keeping your budget in mind, etc, etc… list that never seem to end. There is actually quite a lot to take into consideration when planning a wedding. Regardless of the amount of people you want to invite if this is 30 people or 200. Do you have questions about anything and everything? Do you want to know how you can realize your ideas? Do you want to berelieved of your worries? No stress before, after and during your BEST DAY EVER? Good to know: I speak Russian, Dutch and English, very useful for the expats among us ;).

Every wedding is unique. Please feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities. We can discuss all your wishes, and then I am happy to make a customized quote.

Our rate is based on an hourly rate of 95 euros per hour.